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About Just Shoot It Video

Hello I am Larry Kropp,


Larry Kropp

Initially beginning as a hobby, L&M Video began recording weddings, special events and sports videos in 1989.  Because of work commitments, we were limited in how much time we could dedicate to the video business.  However, we fell in love with the video medium because when we were behind the cameras, we knew we were not only recording a special event in people’s lives, but also capturing memories that they would cherish for years.  In the beginning, we used large Super VHS tape based analog cameras.  After many years of changing technology, today we use broadcast certified Sony XDCAMs that record in full raster 1920 x 1080 HD video.  Computer based editing has also greatly enhanced and streamed-lined the editing experience, so we can now burn that beautiful HD video to a Blu-ray disc and it will be preserved for future generations.  We also now produce high quality business promotional and training videos, real estate and testimonial videos as part of our portfolio.

I have been recording and editing video for almost 25 years.  I have taken numerous on-line courses and have remained active in video webinars and magazines to keep up with the ever-changing video world.  Five years before my recent retirement, I decided to get serious and start a full-service video business, so I begin investing in the best video equipment that made sense for the business.  

On October 14, 2014 we officially formed the LLC, and renamed L&M Video to “Just Shoot It Video Productions, LLC.”  Luckily, through this whole process, I have had an understanding and supportive wife, Mary.  She is co-owner, and has added some very welcomed creative touches to many of our videos and over the last 20+ years, she has also learned how to operate our sophisticated Sony cameras like a pro and has become a real asset for the business.


Mary Kropp

Our third videographer and editor, is my son Alex, who recently graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in Psychology. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in Milwaukee, and has been captivated by the awesome power of video.  He has been working with us for our wedding ceremonies for the last couple of years and is also starting to implement video into the Real Estate industry.  Alex brings a young, creative edge to the business and is always bringing new ideas to the table. He is now immersed in learning the business, following in the footsteps of his father.


Alex Kropp

Today Just Shoot It Video is a premier provider of videography services to the Green Bay and Wisconsin areas.  We specialize in Business, Promotional, Web, Real Estate, Special Event and Wedding Videography services and have a proven track record of happy clients.  Let us show you why we are some the best videographers in the Green Bay area.  Contact us today regarding any additional information of questions you require from Just Shoot It Video.